XCRO supports the creation of reports that involves all the information related to the deal. The information includes the data from XCRO server and the data received from CBS. The time required to generate the report depends on the response time of XCRO server and the CBS.

Time required to generate the report = Response time of XCRO + Response time of CBS

It is possible to reduce the time for generating an XCRO report if the data from CBS is not involved so that there will be no time involved to wait for the response from CBS.

The LBN involves how to remove the response time of CBS and generate the report that has all the data from XCRO server.


To reduce the time and avoid exceeding timeout while generating reports, the data received from the CBS is not involved. 

An environmental variable REPORTS_ADD_ACCOUNT_DETAILS has been introduced in order avoid the data from CBS.

To avoid the data from CBS, the variable REPORTS_ADD_ACCOUNT_DETAILS is set to false.

The below table represents the type of report verses the information related to the type of report that are not included

 while generating a report from XCRO.

Impact and Resolution

The faster generation of reports is achieved by avoiding the data from CBS.